Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Summary Document and Publishing Cont.

Your NaNoWriMo Summary Document is due tomorrow, Wednesday, December 17th. You will no longer have access to it on Thursday. Finish ALL of the parts!

The agenda:
  1. Read
  2. Please fill out this form if you haven't already (The password is "publish.")
  3. Finish your summary document (ALL OF IT)
  4. Work on your publishing option (You need yesterday's post.)

If you are using TeenInk or other social media to publish:
  • You must take a screenshot of your submission using the "snipping tool" on your computer.
  • Your name must be in the screenshot. (If you're using TeenInk, it will be on the top right corner, so make sure you take a screenshot of the whole page.)
  • Email that screenshot to me. 
  • You must email that screenshot to me by Friday, December 19

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