Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ahh the writing process...

Goal: Make progress toward finishing your comparative analysis essay.


  1. Read while your computer boots up. 
  2. You are in different seats and different places in your writing process. 
  3. If you are still working on body paragraphs try to catch up today. 
  4. Re-watch the tutorial about the mood paragraph if you are stuck. 
  5. See the yellow chart on the whiteboard for help structuring your paragraphs. 
  6. If you are DONE with your paragraphs on theme, mood and irony ask a partner to read them. (Exchange papers by sharing your Google Docs with each other. Use "Suggesting" mode and comments.)
  7. If you are ready to tackle an introduction I am giving you a list not a lesson. 

Your introduction should have: 

  1. The names of the authors and the titles of their work. 
  2. A brief summary (one sentence) of the gist of each creation, text or film.
  3. A thesis statement that explains how the author and director use similar or different techniques to create the irony, moods and themes in their works. 
Sentence Starters for your body paragraphs:

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