Monday, March 23, 2015

SOAPSTone about Self-Fulfilling Stereotypes

Goal: Review the article you read on Thursday and apply a SOAPSTone protocol with your partner. 

  1. Read while your compter boots up
  2. Debrief Thursday and Friday (briefly)
  3. Complete SOAPSTone with a partner

Today you will fill out the SOAPSTone FORM about the "Self-Fulfilling Stereotypes" article that you read on Thursday.

Work with your partner to complete the form. Submit the form only once, with both of your names on it. You will need the article from your Google Docs.

Note: You must submit the form before you leave because it will not save your work.

How does doing SOAPSTone help you understand the article better? How and when could you use this in the future?

Does the word cloud at the top of the form help you in any way?

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