Friday, June 5, 2015

AOW and catching up

Goals: Catch up and learn more.

Article of the week
Your "To Do" list

Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Morrow are both out for a meeting today. Remember to represent PLHS well.

Article of the Week: Surveillance powers lapse as Congress debates renewal
Read the article and write a brief summary in your English Journal. In a second paragraph discuss your position on the issue and any connections you see between this article and other recent readings from our class. (You may also want to search for updates on this story as things have been changing fast.)

Your To Do List: (Be sure you are all caught up on these things.)
Call in your Extreme Sports Essay?
Make up essay test from yesterday (2 people in 4th and 5 people in 6th.)
Self grade your English Journal? (See post from Tuesday for directions.)
Write your book reviews
Turn in your book reviews
Write to your September self. (Again see post from Tuesday)
Done with all of that? Read your book.

TEXTBOOK RETURN: Monday June 8 bring ALL of your textbooks to English. We will be going to the library to return them near the end of the period. Keep any books you need to study for a final, but take them home. You will not have the use of a locker after June 10.

BOOK REVIEWS: Your last two book reviews must be complete, in Goodreads, and links posted to the submission form by June 10th.

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