Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Charting the text

Goal: An assessment and some other tasks.

End of course survey
Charting the text
Your To Do List

Please begin today by completing the END OF COURSE SURVEY.

Charting the Text: 
As we have done with many previous articles, today you will be charting what the author is saying and doing in Big Brother Meets Big Mother. We are doing this on paper, so if you are absent you will need to see Mrs. R. for a make up.

Absent Monday or Tuesday?
To make up the assessments from Monday and Tuesday you must see Mrs. R. You can not take them from home. Come at lunch or after school.

Your To Do List (Are you done with all of these things?)
Self grade of your English Journal? (See blog post from yesterday.)
Book reviews? Use the independent reading tab above to turn them in.
Did you write to your future self? (See blog post from yesterday.)

TEXTBOOK RETURN: Monday June 8 bring ALL of your textbooks to English. We will be going to the library to return them near the end of the period. Keep any books you need to study for a final, but take them home. You will not have the use of a locker after June 10.

BOOK REVIEWS: Your last two book reviews must be complete, in Goodreads, and links posted to the submission form by June 10th.

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