Monday, June 1, 2015

SOAPSTone Assessment

Goal: End of the year assessments. Read and complete a SOAPSTone activity independently.

Read (your book)
Turn in books you have borrowed
Read an article I will give you in class
Complete the SOAPStone form about the article you just read.

Reading and SOAPSTone:
I will be giving you a hard copy of an article.
Please put your name on it.
You can write on it.
I will be collecting it at the end of the period.
Read the article carefully, more than once is recommended.
Complete the SOAPSTone form on your own.
If you finish early please read and remain quiet while others are working.

TEXTBOOK RETURN: Monday June 8 bring ALL of your textbooks to English. We will be going to the library to return them near the end of the period. Keep any books you need to study for a final, but take them home. You will not have the use of a locker after June 10.

BOOK REVIEWS: Your last two book reviews must be complete, in Goodreads, and links posted to the submission form by June 10th.

It's time to get these right people. 

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