Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rhetorical Assessment

Goal: Rhetorical assessment with the same article you read yesterday. 

Read (While Mrs. R does attendance and talks to the people who were absent yesterday.)
Rhetorical Assessment
Self-grade your English Journal
Something fun (maybe)

Rhetorical Assessment:
Our series of smaller assessments continues.
Use the article I gave you yesterday if it helps you.
Take the rhetorical assessment (It's only five questions.)

Self Grade your English Journal
Look at the English Journal Scoring Guide
Open your English Journal and paste this sentence at the top. Then complete the sentence.
I believe I have earned a _(number from the scoring guide)_ on my English Journal because ...(reasons you believe you earned that grade based on what you saw in the rubric.)
Have time for something fun? 
Write a letter to yourself in September. Use Futureme.org to send an email to your future self. Include things you think you might forget, (not passwords), or advice you want to use to help you do well in 10th grade. Set your future letter to arrive on September 8, 2015. Be sure to check your email TODAY to verify your address for futureme.org to work for the fall.

Write another futureme.org letter to yourself dated June 1, 2018.  You should be just about to graduate when you get it. (Note: My first class of Freshmen did this four years ago. They are getting their letters next week!)

TEXTBOOK RETURN: Monday June 8 bring ALL of your textbooks to English. We will be going to the library to return them near the end of the period. Keep any books you need to study for a final, but take them home. You will not have the use of a locker after June 10.

BOOK REVIEWS: Your last two book reviews must be complete, in Goodreads, and links posted to the submission form by June 10th.

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