Friday, September 16, 2011

Catch up day...

Do Now:
Get your netbook. Open your Writers Notebook in Google Docs and under today's date (which you added yesterday) make a list of the qualities of a memoir. (What things does a memoir have to have?)

  1. Yesterday we read the excerpt from Black Boy by Richard Wright.  At the very end of the period I asked you to answer a questions about the story. Add to that answer.
  2. Complete the student data form if you didn't do that yet.
  3. Login to GoodReads and send me a friend request if you haven't done that either.
After that:
  1. We have an activity related to the list of memoir qualities you just made.
  2. You will meet again with the group you made your Probable Passage with to complete the "Now I know" section.
  3. We will be picking some partners to work with on a regular basis. You will need your planner.

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