Friday, September 23, 2011

It Says, I Say, And So...

Do Now:  Please click on this form to tell me which presentation prompt you have chosen to present. (I will set presentation dates after everyone has chosen an option.)

Next: Copy this into your Writer's Notebook.
"Theme: Theme is a statement that expresses the universal meaning of a piece of text. Theme is always a sentence and not a word. The theme of a work reflects an author's beliefs about a topic."
Spend a moment to think about some possible themes from the excerpt from Fist Stick Knife Gun by Geoffrey Canada. Write those possible themes in your notebook.
Today we are going to learn a form of text analysis known as "It Says, I say, And so." I have a handout for you to use in class if you would like to do this on paper. If you prefer to have an electronic copy you can download it here

The goal of this activity is to determine a theme, select appropriate quotations from the text that support the theme, explain the quotation and then explain the significance of the quotation.

Homework: Complete one "It Says, I Say, And So" in your Writer's Notebook about the memoir you are reading. See example in the sample notebook linked on the right.

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