Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catching up...

Good morning,

Yesterday you got to turn on your computer and get your text books. Today we need to play a bit of catch up and then move forward. 
  • First if you did not complete the student data form yesterday please do that now.
  • If you haven't book marked this blog page do that also.
  • I'll explain about reading expectation quickly and then we have a project to do.
Also a message from the librarian about textbooks:
1.   CHECK your books for damages! If a book you’ve checked out is damaged, bring it to the Library Textbook Window anytime on Monday 9/12 thru Friday 9/16 to be stamped, repaired or exchanged.

BEWARE you will be charged for damages not noted. A damaged/missing barcode is $5.

COVER your books to minimize damages and avoid fees at the end of the year.

DO NOT share/borrow books. You are responsible for the books you check out.

WRITE your name inside all of your books.

Thank you, Library Staff

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