Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's get it together people...

Good morning,

Lets get ambitious. We need to finish your two voice poems and your six word memoirs. We are going to try using Google Docs today for both. You did get a Google account right?
  1. Get your netbook
  2. Find your partner for the two voice poem
  3. Login to Docs 
  4. Create a document and share it with your partner (one creates and shares)
  5. Name it like this... name&name2voice poem
  6. Share it with me too
  7. Type up your two voice poem (I'll show you in class how to use the left, right and center buttons.)
  8. When you finish (or at the same time) create another doc and type your six word memoir
  9. Ask me before you print anything
  10. GO!

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