Monday, September 26, 2011

Say Something!

Good morning,

I'm sorry I can't be with you today. I'm visiting other schools to learn more about how other teachers are using their educational technology tools. I'll be back tomorrow. Ms. Cullen will take good care of you.

Do Now: (In your Writer's Notebook in docs) Write about a moment when you felt you did not fit in, or a moment when you became aware of someone else not fitting in. Focus on the emotions of that moment.

Today you will read another memoir. This one is called "Aria". Please download it and save it in your English folder. (Download Aria Text Here)

Ms. Cullen will teach you about a strategy called Say Something.  You can review the protocol (rules) for that here. Protocol for Say Something.

After you have read "Aria" using Say Something please return to your Writer's Notebook and create an It Says, I Say, And So chart for "Aria".  (This is just like the one you did for homework on Friday about the memoir you are reading.)

Homework: Continue reading the memoir you have. Begin thinking about ideas for the memoir you will write. prepare for your presentation. I will have dates for your presentations to you tomorrow.

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