Thursday, April 9, 2015

Making Progress Writing About Stereotypes

Goal: Make progress, add paragraphs, to your essay about stereotypes at our school.

You will need:

I. Introduction, including a revised version of your rhetorical precis from 3/26.
II. A description of our research process. (We will work on this together in class today.)
III. An explication of our quantitative data. (We wrote this together on Tuesday.)
IV. A description of our qualitative data. (You worked on this yesterday.)
V. Your conclusions about what this research data says about our school.
VI. Your suggestions of what our school could do to improve student learning based on the data we collected.

Today work on pulling together everything you already have into paragraphs at the top of your essay template document. Together we will write about our research process. Then you can work on your last two paragraphs.

Quantitative: Data that can be expressed in numbers, like the number of people we interviewed or the percentage of people who gave a particular answer. 

Qualitative: Data that you need to look at closely to see patterns, often comes in words, like the words people used to describe the stereotypes about their group. 

Generalizations: The similarities you see in the data. When you start to write, "Most ____ said that____" you are making a generalization. 

Conclusions: The opinions you form based on the data. "Since most _______ say that ________ our school should consider___________."

Homework: Note that your essay is due on Friday at the end of the period. You will also need to "call in" and read your essay by 9:00 PM Friday for full credit. 

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