Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pre-read, Pre-think, Pre-chew, Pre-view

Goal: Preview the major texts for this unit and begin to think about how these authors express their point of view about their subject.


  1. Read
  2. Pre-read, preview the articles for this unit. ( I will give you a link to the articles in class. If you are absent please email me for the link.)
  3. Before you read the articles, answer the questions in the colored boxes in your English Journal. You can work with your partner to discuss your answers. 
  4. With your partner choose which article you want to read first. 
  5. Use the "Say Something" strategy to stop and talk several times during your reading, not at the end. 

Call in your Stereotypes Essay assignment if you have not already done that. 
Complete step 5 on your stereotypes essay document if you have not already. 
Book reviews (TWO of them) are due next week Wednesday 4/22.

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