Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reading more about Extreme Sports

Goal: Reading with a partner and extending conversations about the text.


  1. Read
  2. Open your Extreme Sports articles doc. 
  3. Read the second article, "Extreme Sports Not About Risk Taking: Study" with your partner. 
  4. Use the Say Something protocol while you read. 
  5. Get your partner to say more about what they just said. 

Answer in your English Journal:

  1. What does Dr. Brymer believe about people who do extreme sports? 
  2. Why does he think that? 
  3. Are his beliefs supported by fact or opinion? (Use some evidence from the text to support your answer.)
  4. What would you change about Dr. Brymer's research to make it stronger? 
  5. Who is the author of this text? Who is he writing about? 
The grading period ends tomorrow. All late work, calling in essays, posting book review links, or requests for regrade, must be made by 2:15 tomorrow, Friday 4/24. 

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