Monday, December 7, 2015

Charting the Text: Undercover Parent

Goal: Close analysis of Undercover Parent using the Charting the Text strategy for the first time.

Learn about charting a text
Charting Undercover Parent with your group

Charting the Text: 
Charting a text helps us understand the text better and shows us the structure of the argument.

  1. Open your copy of Undercover Parent in Google Drive. 
  2. Determine the paragraph chunks with your group, but be prepared to change your mind. 
  3. For each section determine what the author is saying first then what he is doing. (Do not move on to the next chunk until you have finished saying and doing for the one before it.)
  4. We are doing this one on paper, so if you are absent you will need to see Mrs. R for instructions and materials. 
Return your group novel to the library. 
Update your status on Goodreads. 

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