Tuesday, December 1, 2015

First read of Undercover Parent

Goals: First reading of Undercover Parent article using the "Say Something" protocol.

Learn about the "Say Something" protocol.
First read of Undercover Parent

First Read of Undercover Parent: 

  • This text is shared with you in Google Drive. 
  • You will read it with a partner and use the say something protocol to check your thinking and understanding with each other as you go. 

  • Book reviews are happening in class on Wednesday. You can pre-write them if you want to. 
  • English Journals must be complete by Thursday. If you are missing anything there, get it done now. 
  • This grading period ends on Friday. All regrade requests are due by 2:30 Friday. (Some of you may want to work on your memoir, your visual memoir, or other missing work.)
  • Scroll to the very bottom of this blog and click the blue + sign at the bottom right side of the calendar. That will add this calendar to your calendar. 

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