Friday, December 4, 2015

SOAPSTone for Undercover Parent

Goal: Our First Soapstone, learning a piece of rhetorical analysis.

Be sure your book is checked out to you.
SOAPSTONE with a partner

S - Subject / topic / issue of the text
O - Occasion - what is the context of the text?
A - Audience who is this written for? How do you know?
P - Purpose - why did the author write this? What is his/her goal?
S - Speaker - who is Coben? How do you know? What else can you find out?
Tone - sarcastic, humble, bitter, convinced, unsure, reasonable, angry, immature, educated?

Open the Undercover Parent article I shared with you on Tuesday.
With your partner complete the SOAPSTone FORM.  (If you are absent you'll have to work on it on your own.)

Grading period ends today.
Read a lot this weekend :)

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