Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Making progress on that draft

Goal: make progress understanding what you are writing about. make progress actually writing.

Discuss the quote you are writing about with your group.
Work on adding to your draft. You have a complete draft due on Monday 5/2.

I suggest you discuss these things with your group:

  1. The meaning of the quote. 
  2. The extent to which you agree or disagree with what the quote says. 
  3. Possible opposing viewpoints to your positions. 
  4. Possible counter arguments to those opposing viewpoints. 
  5. Help each other with possible evidence to support your position. 
Self-regulate and decide for yourselves when you need to move from discussion to drafting time. 


  • Book reviews happen Wednesday next week. (I will NOT accept them late or regrade any incomplete work. You were warned.)
  • Friday 5/6 is the end of the grading period. Check your English Journal. Are you missing anything? Could any of your work be better? A little effort now can really help you later.

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