Friday, April 29, 2016

Writing work day

Goal: Finish your draft of your essay.
Scroll down and add the calendar.

Review lessons from yesterday
Make progress on your draft

Today is all about working on your essay draft.

The grading period ends next week. Here are some of the other things happening next week.

Monday May 2, 
Extreme Sports Essay draft due. 
We take the California Healthy Kids Survey

Tuesday May 3, 
Writing Response Groups for feedback on your essays

Wednesday May 4,
Book reviews due. Be sure you already have one posted to Goodreads.

Thursday May 5, 
Teacher Appreciation Day :)
English Journals Due, self scoring day.

Friday May 6, 
Mrs R. will be at a conference periods 3-6.
Socratic Seminar make up 2:20 PM

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