Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Risk taking and extreme sports

Goal: Begin reading, thinking and talking about risk taking and extreme sports.

Quick write

Quick Write:
What do you know about extreme sports? What sports would you consider extreme?
How would you define extreme sports? 
(Pick one or write about all three)

Read this article (It is "view only" make your own copy please. You will need it.)

  • What do you think about extreme sports?
  • Why do you think people do them? 
  • What extreme sports have you tried or are interested in trying? 
  • What risks do people face when they engage in extreme sports? 

Done with all of that? 
Check your Comparative Analysis Essay
Read your book

Note: If you turned in something over spring break, or called in your essay, it is not in Power School yet. Please be patient.

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