Friday, January 16, 2015

Article of the Week #9

Reflection on a Hub Cap.
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Reflecting on Your Writing Process
Now that you have completed your letter, copy and paste these questions beneath your letter. Take a few minutes to respond to them. Once you are done, you may move on to the AOW below.
  1. What do you think are the strengths of your letter to James McBride?
  2. What aspects of your letter, if any, could be stronger?
  3. Which class activities helped you the most in writing your final letter?
Article of the Week #9
  • Write this in your English Journal.
  • Your AOW is in your binder in Newsela. It's about Charlie Hebdo.
  • Read the article and respond in your English Journal by writing two paragraphs: one to summarize, and one to respond with thoughts on the issue.
  • Class code: NIIJN

Don't forget!
  • Call in your McBride response letter before 9pm tonight!
  • Make sure your English Journal is up to date! Check the blog on the days that you're missing to find the assignments you should have.
  • Bring us your NaNoWriMo book for extra credit!

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