Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Final Preparations

Let's read!

Today we make sure everyone is prepared for the end of the semester (i.e. your final).

You need:

  • A tab for this blog
  • A tab for your English Journal
  • Enthusiasm! (Trust me, the world is a much simpler place if you muster up a bit of enthusiasm about it. These are my parting words of wisdom.)
Today you will:
  1. Take a look through the blog posts from this semester. You should definitely go all the way back to September. (In fact, you should probably start there.)
  2. In your English Journal, make a list of all of the key terms and concepts we have studied.
  3. Choose five or six that you personally need to review, and create an example that demonstrates each concept after you have reviewed the material
  4. Work alone or with a partner. You can help each other fill in missing links.

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