Friday, November 20, 2015

Article of the Week

Goal: Read and write about the article of the week.

Article of the Week

Article of the Week: 

  • Read THIS ARTICLE from 
  • It's called, "These days, seems some kids are born with a smartphone in their hand" in case you need to find it on your own. 
  • After reading WRITE two paragraphs in your English Journal. The first paragraph should summarize the article and the second paragraph should be about your thoughts on the topic. 


  • You will need to finish reading two books by 12/2! That is right after Thanksgiving break. One book is your group novel. The other is a choice book. Be sure you are reading over break. 
  • English Journals will be due on 12/3. Be sure you are caught up on everything in your English Journal, including the work from today. 

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