Monday, November 2, 2015

Characters in Conflict

Goal: Developing a deeper understanding of characters and the conflicts they face.

Quick write
Character drawing
Check your questions

Quick Write:

  • Open your English Journal. Add today's date at the top. 
  • Prompt: Consider a character from your group novel. What problems does that character have? Write about those problems. Try to come up with at least three things your character is worried about or dealing with. 

Character Drawing:

  • Click HERE to get a copy of "Character."
  • I have to give you the rest of the directions for this in class. If you are absent you're missing all the fun. 

Check your questions:

  • Remember those quizzes you made last week? Lets take a closer look at your questions. 
  • Open the spreadsheet with your results. 
  • Select row 1 and wrap the text so that your questions are all fully displayed. 
  • Use the chart below to color code the cells with your questions. Use the colors Red, Yellow, Green, and Purple, to show which of your questions were DOK1-4. 

Keep reading. Keep an eye on those conflicts your character is facing and how he or she deals with them. Be on the lookout for new conflicts that suddenly arise in the middle of the book. 

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