Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Practice Reading and Finding Evidence

Goal: Get in a bit more practice with the concepts from this unit. Select evidence for an upcoming essay about your group novel.

Practice assessment
Finding Quotes

Practice Assessment: 

  • This reading and the questions that go with it should help you get ready for our upcoming unit test next week. 
  • Read the story and answer the questions as you go. 
  • If you need to join our Go Formative class the codes are on the back wall. 

Finding Quotes: 

  • Remember how it was much easier to write your paragraph yesterday when you already had evidence selected to go with the theme? 
  • Use the rest of your time today to read your group novel and/or look for evidence that might help you write about the other aspects of novels that we have learned about. 
  • Look for quotes related to:

Diction/word choice
Finish your book by Friday the 13th. You have a scary test that day about the book.
Make sure all of your work is done in your English Journal.
Review the calendar at the bottom of the blog.

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