Monday, November 16, 2015

Gathering Essay Evidence

Goal: Getting read to write an essay about the theme in our group novels.

Group work on theme organizer

Theme Essay Organizer:

  • I am giving you this organizer on paper.
  • You need to bring this paper back to class on THURSDAY if you want to use it to help you write your novel essay.
  • I am also giving you access to an electronic copy of this doc. Click HERE
  • You can do the work on paper, or work on it digitally. If you choose the digital option YOU are responsible for bringing a printed copy to class on Thursday.

Test Tomorrow:

  • Tomorrow you have a unit test. You will have a short story to read and answer questions about.
  • The questions should let you show that you understand characterization, conflict (internal and external), word choice, setting, and theme. (We've practiced things like this. You should be fine.)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:
Mrs. Roberts is going to a gigantic English Teacher convention. While I'm gone you will do one activity in GoFormative, write an in class essay (on paper), and complete and article of the week assignment in your English Journal.

Essay Contest:
Essay contest for LGBTQ students in San Diego. 500 Word maximum. Cash prizes. Deadline is 11/30.  Apply HERE.

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