Thursday, March 9, 2017

Adding an introduction and conclusion

Goals: Adding introduction and conclusions to your essay. 

Dramatic Reading
Working on your essay

Dramatic Reading: 
An opportunity to show off your dramatic reading skills for course credit. 
I'll explain more in class. See also the tab above for more information. 

Essay Work: Introduction:
  1. The names of the authors and the titles of their work. 
  2. A brief summary (one-three sentence) of the gist of each creation, text or film.
  3. A thesis statement that explains how the author and director use similar or different techniques to create the irony, moods, and themes in their works.
  1. Restate your claims, hint look at the beginning of each of your body paragraphs. 
  2. Restate your thesis statement from the introduction. 
Period 3: We will be going to the field for the ROTC Pass and Review Ceremony. 


Keep writing. Draft of your complete essay is due Tuesday 3/14. 

Keep reading. Book reviews happen on Wednesday 3/15. 
Tomorrow we visit the counselors. Bring a good book. 

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