Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book Review Day

Goal: Making sure you have two reviews of books you've read recently on your book review document.

Read 10 minutes  (Got a new book? Check it out!)
Book reviews
Catch up

1. Book Reviews
  1. Open the Book Reviews document Mrs. R sent you back in January. 
  2. Add two new reviews at the TOP of the document. 
  3. Be sure to include dates for your new reviews. 
  4. Label them Review #6 and Review #7
  5. Follow the Book Review Structure chart for your reviews. 
  6. New to our class? If you were not in our class in January you may not have this document. Create a new Google Doc for your reviews. Share it with Mrs. R and Ms. Love. (Name it: period, last name, first name, Book Reviews.)
2. Comparative Analysis Essay
This week you got peer feedback about your essay. The final draft will be due next week. Many of you have some work to do to revise your essay before you turn in the final draft. 

3. English Journal
Tomorrow you will self score your English Journal. Is everything in it complete? Are you sure? 

4. Call in your dramatic reading
Some of you still have not called in your dramatic reading assignment. See the tab above for more info. This is a quick grade boost if you get it done today. 

5. Read
Done with all of the above? Really? You may read. Enjoy.

Returned your signed course request form if you still have it.

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