Friday, March 17, 2017

Self Score and AOW

Goals: Self score your English Journal and read/write about an article.

Read, make sure you have a good book for the weekend.
English Journal self score
Article of the week.

1. English Journal Self Score:

  1. Open your English Journal
  2. Review the English Journal Scoring Guide
  3. Determine how you would score your English Journal. 
  4. PASTE this sentence below into the TOP of your English Journal and be sure it is complete. 
March 17, 2017 Self Score:        
I believe I have earned a ______ <<(Your score 1-5) on my English Journal because_______________________ _______________ <<(Your reasons you think you earned that score.) 

2. Article of the Week:
  • President Trump issued executive order about travel to the US on 3/6. 
  • The article you'll read today is about how this travel order compares to the previous order. 
  • It is assigned to you in Newsela. It was originally published by the Associated Press. 
  • The new order went into effect yesterday, so you may be hearing about it in the news, but headlines and TV news can't fill in the details. Reading about it will make you more informed. 
  • Get the article HERE and be sure to sign in with Google to access the article. 
3. Respond to the article in your English Journal
  1. Write one paragraph summarizing the article.
  2. Write a second paragraph exploring your opinion about the issues and events of the article. 
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I'll be grading EJs this weekend. 
Ms. Love is already grading book reviews. Ask her about that grade if you need to. 
Returned your signed course request form if you still have it. 

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