Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Poetry Jigsaw and Logistics

Goals: Share out the poem you read yesterday and apply the SIFT protocol to a new one.

Upcoming assessments
Poetry Jigsaw
New poem

Upcoming assessments: 

  • Comparative Analysis essays final drafts are due tomorrow
  • Friday you have an in class essay test. You'll be writing about a poem and a short story, comparative analysis. Thursday you'll get a chance to read the short story. 
  • Your next book review #8, will be due April 19th. Read over spring break. 
  • Book review #9 will be different. Don't start writing it. I'll give you more information in April. 
Poetry Jigsaw: 
Pull up the SIFT document you created yesterday. Tell the people at your table about the poem you read and discuss the symbolism, imagery, figurative language, tone, and theme. 

New Poem:
I'm giving you a new poem on paper. Put your NAME and period on it. 
You need to read it and apply your sift strategies. You can talk about it with your group. 
I'm collecting it before you leave. 

Bring back your course request form signed. 

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