Friday, October 30, 2015

Predicting and Assessing

Happy Halloween
Goals for today: Get started on your novel prediction chart and review the answers to the quiz you made.

Novel Prediction Charts
Reviewing Quiz Answers

Novel Prediction Charts:

  1. Open your English Journal. (Check to see if you might be missing anything and make a plan to catch up on that later.)
  2. At the top add today's date. 
  3. Insert a table. It should be two columns wide and six rows down. 
  4. Add two predictions about your book, now that you are halfway through it. 
  5. Add evidence (sentence or two) from the book that lead you to that prediction. 
  6. Continue to add predictions and evidence to your chart as you read the rest of the novel. 

Novel Prediction Chart
My prediction
Evidence from the text that makes me think this.
(Use sentences from your book that lead to your prediction.)

Reviewing Quiz Answers: 

  • Yesterday some students tried out the quiz you made. It's time for you to review their answers. 
  • Your group will go to the quiz you made in Google Drive and click "view responses."
  • You are not going to grade these, but you are going to assess them. 
  • For each answer you are going to give a color. Use the paint bucket (fill color) tool to change the color of each box (cell) that has an answer. 
  • Make good answers light green. Okay, but not great, answers can be light yellow. And mostly wrong answers should be light pink. 
  • I will decide later how I want to convert your assessment into a grade for the student. I may decide not to count all of your questions, or give more credit to some questions. 


  • Stay safe. Lots of people make some really bad decisions on Halloween. Don't be one of them. 
  • Read this weekend. 
  • Check your English Journal for work you need to finish or make up. 
  • Revise your memoir or the visual memoir slides if you would like to improve them. 

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