Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More reading about hip hop

Goal: Read and discuss an article with your group so that you can explain it to another group on Friday.

Read an article
Discuss with your group

Read an article:
Each group will have a different article to read and analyze.  Be prepared to share your findings with the class. Read the one that matches your group number.

Be able to answer these questions. Discuss them with your group. 

  1. What is this article mostly about? Be able to explain the main idea in one or two sentences. 
  2. What are two-three important details or claims in the article?
  3. Discuss how this article connects to what you read/learned from Mr. McBride. Be able to explain that. 
  4. Find an example of ethos, pathos, or logos in the article and be able to explain why it is ethos, pathos or logos. 
  5. Does this article present a positive or negative view of hip hop and why do you say that? (Hint: evidence from the text helps here.)
  • Call in your hip hop essay by 9:00 PM tonight. You can even use my phone during advisory, lunch, or after school. 
  • Book reviews due tomorrow! Write one on Goodreads to get ahead. 
  • English Journals due Friday. 

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