Friday, January 8, 2016

Review and a choice for AOW

Goal: Review, catch up, and choose an article of the week to read and write about in your English Journal.

Review/Catch Up
Article of the Week

Review/Catch Up:
This week we began by looking at the origins of Hip Hop culture. We then read Hip Hop Planet by James McBride. You made several entries to your English Journal for quick writes and notes. Yesterday we looked closely at paragraphs 11 and 12 for deeper understanding. We focused on this sentence in particular:
"At its best, hip-hop lays bare the empty moral cupboard that is our generation’s legacy."
Article of the week (AOW): 
At the end of paragraph 11 McBride says "The drums are pounding out a warning. They are telling us something. Our children can hear it." We talked a bit in class about what that warning might be about.

  1. Select your own AOW from this group of articles related to the events in Ferguson, Missouri. 
  2. Read the article carefully several times. 
  3. Write two paragraphs in your English Journal. Summarize the article in the first paragraph. (Tip: Practice using the structure of a rhetorical precis.) Respond with your thinking in the second paragraph. 
  4. Consider how the events in Missouri and around the country might connect with Hip Hop Planet. 

Some questions to consider on your second read: 
What interesting language did this author use and why?
Which sentences might have more meaning than I first realized?
What are the most important points or details in this text?
What is the author's purpose for writing this piece?

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