Monday, January 25, 2016

Preparation not procrastination: #Winning

Goal: Prepare for socratic seminar tomorrow.

English Journal Self Evaluation
Socratic Seminar Prep

English Journal Self Evaluation:

  • Paste the sentence below into your English Journal and complete it with your thoughtful response. 
  • Consider the English Journal Scoring Guide as you decide on your score. 

January 25, 2016  Self Score:        
I believe I have earned a ______ <<(Your score 1-5) on my English Journal because_______________________ _______________ <<(Your reasons you think you earned that score.) 
Socratic Seminar Preparation:

  • On Friday you heard about several other articles you could read before our Socratic seminar tomorrow. 
  • I gave you a organizer page to get started with looking at those articles. 
  • If you lost the paper version I gave you Friday you can get a copy of it HERE. (You'll need to print it before class tomorrow.)

Red  "The Evolution of Hip-hop: Is it even Hip-hop?"
Orange "Is rap the most important music since 1960? Scientists say they have proof"
Yellow "Meet the Teenage Indigenous Hip-Hop Artist Taking on Climate Change"
Green "Hip-hop is resistance against the inequalities in society"
Blue "Mic Check: Here's Why Hip Hop Hasn't Grown up Yet"
Purple "Hip-hop is Resistance Against the Inequalities in Society"


  • Prepare for your Socratic Seminar tomorrow. 
  • Study for your final (Thursday or Friday) STUDY GUIDE.
  • Call in your letter to Mr. McBride if you haven't already. 
  • All other missing work or regrade requests are due BEFORE your final. No work will be accepted or regraded after the final for your period. Check Power School to see what you might be missing. 

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