Friday, January 15, 2016

Writing the second paragraph of our response to Hip Hop Planet

Goal: Complete the second paragraph of your response to Mr. McBride

Review work from yesterday
Look at expectations for paragraph two
Work on paragraph two


  • Who wants to play, "I want a better grade on my essay."?
  • Yes, one brave volunteer will have his or her essay reviewed by me while the rest of the class gets to watch. You get your essay fixed and you earn a better grade. The rest of the class gets to learn from your mistakes. Who's in? Taking volunteers only. 

Expectations for paragraph two: 

  1. In the first sentence, state whether you agree or disagree that we have become a “hip hop planet.”
  2. Choose one to two main idea statements from McBride’s essay, and explain to him how you agree or disagree with the statements by providing reasons and examples from your own experiences and observations.
  3. Close your paragraph by stating whether McBride’s essay was strong or weak, and explain to him why he did or did not make his point.

Reminders: You have a lot due next week as the end of the semester looms. I tried to spread it out and all of it is things you should already be caught up on.
  • Tuesday: Draft of your response to McBride due before class. (I'm scoring these during second period, so they need to be complete by then.)
  • Wednesday: Final draft of your letter to Mr. McBride due with edits based on peer feedback. This is when I start grading your Google Docs. CALL IN your letter to McBride by 9:00 PM Wednesday night.
  • Thursday: Book reviews. You should pre-write one of your reviews. You can even post it on Goodreads already. Thursday you will submit the Goodreads link and answer questions about your OTHER book.
  • Friday: English Journals due. You will do your self score in class and then I start grading them.

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