Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Even more poetry

CC Photo by: Lew (tomswift) Holzman
Goals: Using what we learned about SIFT to write about a poem, including figurative language and theme.

1. Read
2. Share out about the poem you read yesterday. Hint: pull up the SIFT doc that your group worked on.

3. With your partner visit and find a poem that interests you.
4. Write an entry in your English Journal. Use the bullets below to help you.
  • Describe the poem you found and why you like it. 
  • Explain how using SIFT takes you deeper into what the poem means. Use a line from the poem with your explanation. (cite evidence)
  • Compare the poem you found to the one you read with your group yesterday. 
Make up any work you have missed so far this week. 
Read. You need to read two books by March 16. That's sooner than you think. 
Are you using your calendar to keep track of things you need to do? 

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