Thursday, February 18, 2016

Probable Passage Reprise

Goal: A second probable passage activity to get us ready for our next reading. It will help you get to know some of the words from the story and get you thinking about what might happen.

Questions about articulation
How to email your counselor
Probable Passage
A bit more art

How to email your counselor:
Click HERE to see your counselor's name and email address.

Probable Passage:
  1. Work with your partner to complete the probable passage. Get the view only version HERE and make your own copy. Share it with your partner.
  2. Look up any words you don't know as you work. 
  3. Discuss your reasoning as you go.
  4. Use as many of the words as you can in your gist statement. 
  5. Write your gist statement on the postit I will give you. 
  6. Also copy your gist statement in to your English Journal. 
Our next reading takes place in a foreign land long ago. I'll show you some art to help you get acquainted with the time and place. 

Read your independent book for at least 30 minutes. You should be almost done with it by now.
Discuss your courses for next year with your parents. Cards due 2/26.

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