Friday, June 3, 2016

Academic Honesty Project progress

Goal: Meet with your partners to make plans for your project.

Group Work
Initial Ideas Form

Academic Honesty Project:
Work with your team (or on your own) to plan your academic honesty project.
When you are ready, or before the period ends, please complete the Initial Ideas Form.
The Catch: To fill out the form you MUST be signed into your district Google account.
Your username is your and the same password you use to login to your netbook.

Reminders: (Also see the calendar below the blog posts.)
6/3 Academic honesty essays due.
6/3 CALL IN your Academic Honesty Essay by 9:00 PM TONIGHT for full credit.
6/3 Return media release forms if you still haven't turned yours in.
6/8 2:20 PM Socratic Seminar make up if you were absent or have more to say about academic honesty.
6/9 Academic honesty project proposals due.
6/14 Book reviews due. Get one posted on Goodreads BEFORE 6/14.
6/14 Textbook return. Bring all of your textbooks to class and we will take them back to the library during our class period.
6/15 Academic honesty projects due. Be ready to present and explain your project.

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