Thursday, June 2, 2016

Academic Honesty: Next Steps

What message are you sending? 
Goals: Get started on planning your academic honesty project.

Next steps project
Organizing a project

Academic Honesty Next Steps: 

  • Look over on the right hand side of the blog. See the section that says Useful Links? Notice that first link? 
  • Through out our project on academic honesty I'll be adding resources and links you need to that page. Get used to checking that link. 

Tips for organizing a project: 

  • Share a Google Drive folder with the other people in your group. You need a shared folder for this project. 
  • Start a planning doc in that folder and begin listing your ideas and options there. 
  • Start another doc called Proposal. This one will be a more formal paper to Mrs. R. See the project link on the right for proposal requirements. 
  • Keep all the work, slides, notes, and docs for this project in your shared folder. 
Reminders: (Also see the calendar below the blog posts.)
6/3 Academic honesty essays due. 
6/3 Return media release forms if you still haven't turned yours in. 
6/8 2:20 PM Socratic Seminar make up if you were absent or have more to say about academic honesty. 
6/9 Academic honesty project proposals due. 
6/14 Book reviews due. Get one posted on Goodreads BEFORE 6/14. 
6/14 Textbook return. Bring all of your textbooks to class and we will take them back to the library during our class period. 
6/15 Academic honesty projects due. Be ready to present and explain your project. 

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