Friday, September 18, 2015

Article of the Week and Catch Up Day

Goal: Catching up, checking in and getting ready.

The lockdown yesterday changes our plans for today just a bit. Please see the section for your period.

Period 3:
Article of the week
Catch up  >> Get it? >>>

Article of the week: 

  • Once a week (usually) we pause for a moment and read a news article about something happening in the world. Sometimes this is related to our other studies, sometimes it is not. Eventually you will have some say and choice about the articles, but for now I will assign them to you. 
  • Go to and login with your Google account. Hint: look for the red button. 
  • Enter our class code (See chart on the back wall)
  • Read the article assigned to our class. 
  • After reading open your English Journal (Google Doc) and write a paragraph about the article you read. You can write a summary or your own thoughts about the topic. 
  • Remember to put your new work at the TOP of the document. 
Catch Up: 
By now you should have done ALL of these things. If you are missing one of these you need to catch up. Our classroom is open at lunch if you need to come use a computer. 

Period 6:
I didn't see you yesterday because of the lockdown after lunch, so we will be catching up from yesterday. 
Memoir Share Out
Memoir Definition

Memoir Share Out
Tell your group about the memoir you read on Wednesday. Hint: It helps to open the document with the reading. 
Tell them, the title and author of the memoir, what happened in the narrative, what the author learned, and what you liked best about it.

With your group make a list of things a memoir must have and may have.
Write your own definition of what a memoir is.

Go to
Login with your Google account.
Send Mrs. R a friend request. Hint: search for her by her gmail address.
Search for the titles of at least five books you have read in the past and give them "star" ratings. Click on the number of stars you think each book deserves.

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