Friday, September 11, 2015

Six Word Memoirs

Goal: Six word memoirs.

Six Word Memoirs

Resources for Six Word Memoirs:
  1. Write your six word memoir on a piece of scratch paper. Be original. Make it about you. 
  2. Show it to an adult and a peer. 
  3. Make sure it has exactly SIX words. 
  4. Check your spelling!
  5. Go to and login. 
  6. Start a NEW Google Doc. 
  7. Name it like this, period, last name, first name, six word memoir.  (3 Black, Lisa, Six Word Memoir)
  8. SHARE it with Mrs. Roberts. 

  • Make your memoir FILL the page. Make it as large as possible without going to a second page. 
  • Put your name on it. 
  • Play with fonts, italics, bold. Make it look cool. 


  • Read your book. This is your first weekend to get some reading done before you start to have a lot of other homework. Get ahead.
  • Cover your books. The video we watched about how to do that is here.
  • Keep your English textbook at home or in your locker. You won't need it in the classroom.

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