Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reading, Netbooks, Textbooks, New People,

Goal: Textbook check out, netbook testing, reading, and greeting new students.

READ: get out your book or borrow a new one. Read while your computer boots up.

Textbook check out: 
We will all go to the library to check out our textbooks.
Bring your ID, and your schedule.
Pick up book covers

Back in the classroom:
Write your name in ALL of your books
Check books for any damage. Report damage to Ms. Cooper in the Library asap or you could get charged for damage to your books.)
Cover your books.
Keep your English book at home.
Carry a plastic bag to bag your books if it rains. (Water can damage books.)

New People!
Please see the section on the right for "new students start here." There are some things there for you to catch up with.
Also be sure you have a book to read in class tomorrow.

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