Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 2: Reading, Netbooks, and Six Word Memoirs


Get out your independent reading books. If you do not have one, take this time to find one already on your table or from the shelves. If you borrow a book, be sure to check it out using the "Borrow a Book" button on this blog.

I told you yesterday that we would be using our computers in this class almost every day. That starts now. This means we have a few goals for today:
  1. Get a netbook: You will be assigned a netbook by number and that number will be yours.
  2. Sign in: The adults in the room will help you do this if you do not know what it is and/or how to do it.
  3. Access this blog: The website is posted in the room and on the stickers you just got.
  4. Fill out the Student Data Form, if you have not done so already.
  5. Sign into your Gmail account to make sure you can. Visit Google Drive if you've never done so. Take the time to explore the site and see what you can do if you have not done so already.
Once everyone has successfully achieved these goals, our first project of the year will be to write a Six Word Memoir. We will talk about this, but here are some helpful videos and websites to help you in this process:

Oh and don't forget:

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