Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Close reading (eating) a memoir

Goal: Close reading of a memoir and setting up our English Journal.

Set up English Journals
Close reading
Quick write

English Journals:
Today you will create your English Journal
Start a NEW Google Doc.
Name it Period, Last Name, First Name, English Journal (3, Smith, Janelle English Journal)
Share it with Mrs. Roberts.
Put new entries at the top.
Give each entry a date and title.

Close Reading:
Lets look more carefully at a few parts of the memoir you read yesterday.
Get your own copy using the short link on the board in the classroom.
We are going to look at structure, language, imagery, and reflection.

Quick write: 
Choose a favorite line from the memoir. Make is something interesting, funny, or important.
Copy and paste that line into your English Journal.
Write about why you chose that line, what it reminds you of, or how it might relate to one of your experiences.

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