Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Close reading and group discussion

Goal: Close read and discussion of the memoir we read yesterday.

Group discussion
Group presentations

Get a copy of the text we are using today HERE.

Group Discussion:

  • With your group have a discussion about the two questions from the text assigned to your group. 
  • Be prepared to explain that answer to the class. 
  • You must include evidence from the text in your explanation. Be able to point to the sentence or two that proves your answer is most correct. 

Find your group # and the questions you are responsible for discussing. 
Group 1: 2 and 6
Group 2: 6 and 1
Group 3: 5 and 3
Group 4: 7 and 1
Group 5: 3 and 8
Group 6: 1 and 2

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