Thursday, September 24, 2015

More Ideas for Memoir Writing

Goal: Generating more ideas for memoir writing.

4 Quadrants
More Writing

Four Quadrants: 
Just like yesterday you are going to add a new table to your English Journal.
Put today's date at the TOP of the page.
Add a 2x2 table under it. (Just like yesterday.)
Make your table look like the one below.
Add 2-3 memories that relate to each of your senses in each box.
  • Write for ten minutes about one of the memories you listed in your chart. Include details about who, where, when, why. Describe the details of the sense you are writing about. 
  • Not: It smelled good, BUT My grandmother's kitchen smelled like melted caramel and roasting chilies, but under those was the fruity hand lotion she kept on the counter and reached for every time she finished washing dishes. 
  • Make this memory real for your readers. The smallest details often say the most. 
  • Tell the story, use what you remember, guess about the details you can't quite recall. 

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