Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Socratic Seminar on Academic Honesty (Tuesday and Wednesday-Block Schedule)

Goal: Deeper discussions about the state of academic honesty in our school.

Read (a bit longer because it is bloc schedule.)
Socratic Seminar
Next steps

Socratic Seminar: 
We have time today for three groups.
Students who miss class today can attend a make up Socratic Seminar on Wednesday 6/8 after school.

Next Steps:
Now that we know what we know about academic honesty at PLHS what are we going to do about it? Project ahead. I'll explain more in class.

Media Release: 
If you have not returned your signed media release do that asap.

Academic honesty essay due June 3
Book reviews due June 14.
Last day for regrade requests is also June 14.
See calendar below for finals schedule.

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