Friday, May 6, 2016

Article of the week and catching up

Goals: Article of the week and catching up

Article of the week
Catch up

Article of the week: 
Read THIS ARTICLE and write a two paragraph response in your English Journal. The first paragraph should be a summary of the main idea and details. The second paragraph should be your thoughts and opinions about the situation. (You can pick a different article if you like, but your response must include your reasons for making the change.)

Catch Up: Be sure you have done ALL of the following.

  • Self scored your English Journal: See the blog from yesterday. 
  • Submitted your book reviews: (3rd period missing seven people, 6th period missing four people, 7th period missing one person.)
  • Finished your Extreme Sports Essay: CALL it IN by 9pm tonight for full credit. (You can also call on Saturday or Sunday.)
  • Make up Socratic Seminar TODAY at 2:20. Don't be late. 
Mrs. Roberts Where Are You? 
I'll be out of the classroom periods 3 and 6 today to present about Technology in the Classroom to a convention of parents, teachers, and administrators from around the state. I'll be back for our make up Socratic Seminar after school. Tonight I'll be on the field before the Padre game representing teachers at their Teacher Appreciation Night. 

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