Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Block Day, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Goals: Initial readings about academic honesty.

Read (longer because it's a block day)
Quick write
Survey the text
Partner read
Close Reading
TED talk

Happy Tuesday. Due to a test the 10th graders need to take we have a block schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Since we have some extra time together we are going to get a lot done today.

Quick Write: 

  • Open your English Journal
  • First check, did you write about an academic honesty quote yesterday? If not leave yourself a note to make that up. 
  • Next, Quick Write: Try to answer at least one if not several of the questions below. Use complete sentences please. 

What do you think academic honesty means?
Is it similar or different from other kinds of honesty?
Which questions do you remember from the survey yesterday? Why do those questions stand out to you?
What do you think we might learn or discover in this unit? 

Survey the text:
With your partner do a survey of the text we are about to read today.
Click HERE to get a copy of the text.
Click HERE to begin the survey.

Partner read:
After you are done with the preview read the text with your partner. Stop and talk about your understanding and questions after each paragraph.
Together agree on a one sentence summary of the text. Add that to your English journal.

Close Read: I will lead you through some discussion questions about the text. Make sure you have your copy of the article open.

TED talk: And if we still have time I have a TED talk I think you'll find interesting.

Want to be interviewed about our class? 
CLICK HERE if you are interested in "trying out" for an on camera interview about our class.

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